1.  Where can I learn more about you and what you do? 

Head over to the blog!  I answer a lot of things there including what energy healing is, tarot, chromatherapy, lithotherapy, land / home healing, etc. 

2.  Does a healing session hurt?

No, and for most it feels amazing!  You might experience hot or cold, buzzing, tingling, etc.  For more intense sessions you could feel dizzy or have a bit of nausea, but this will clear up pretty quickly (and it's rare). 

3. Do our values have to align for us to work together? 

Nope.  Unless you are going to be aggressive or hostile towards me, we can work together fine.  I respect that many of us have different journeys in life, and that means we are all going to be different!  That being said I do have my own way of handling my practice, and I can't conform it to everyone's personal religion, etc .

4.  What if I don't feel anything during my energy healing session?

Some don't feel anything even though the energy is still working, and some might feel it days later.  This doesn't mean you should shy away from it if you feel it's the right move for you.

5.  What makes you so special that you can do healings and psychic work?

Nothing!  I worked hard at perfecting this and will continue to work towards it my entire life.  It's something anyone can do if they desire.  I don't believe the universe gives us desires we cannot fulfill.  Sure, it might take some hard work, but you can do it!  You can read more on my blog about my past experience with psychic experiences via my family, and the certifications and studies I have done. 

6.  Do you practice what you preach? 

Yes to my best ablity!  While no human is perfect and no one is ever done doing work on themselves, I would never try to help you with an issue I struggle with, and am actively doing nothing about.  That being said, remember most healers come from backgrounds where they have struggled with things like trauma, addiction, NDE's, etc.  What is important is that they have sought help and will continue to work on their own lives, and use those experiences to help others.  It would be difficult to relate to clients if we never suffered from anything in our lives. 

7.  What if I want to heal myself?

Ultimately ONLY YOU can heal yourself (with the exception of certain things like (burns, pains, etc).  Figuratively I'm like a day at the spa, but once you get home you have to continue to do the self-care and work. 

8. Why come to you if I can heal myself? 

Again, it's at times nice to have the help of a professional, however I do plan on teaching you to heal yourselves in the future.  It's my ultimate goal to have everyone doing their own work. 

9.  How do you do your tarot readings?

I do a small meditation before each reading and reach out to my spirit guides and yours.  I ask them to bring in a reading that will facilitate a path for your highest good.  That does not always mean it will be easy, and at the end of the day it's up to you to choose whether to follow this path or not. 

10. When doing a tarot reading, can you predict my death / when I will become pregnant / answer questions about someone else / tell me how I will become ill?

First of all, I don't do yes or no questions.  Some readers will, but I don't feel this serves your higher good or provides you with the path to your highest good.  I also won't answer any medical questions, finanacial, or do readings on other people without their permission.  If you pretend to be someone else when requesting a reading, please remember I consult with spirit guides and they know the truth, so the reading will not be accurate. 

At times certain things will come up in a reading, like issues around money.  I will let a reading flow naturally in that case.  I won't give you the winning lottery numbers, as the guides would never provide those. 

11.  Can you do psychic work during my energy healings? 

Most people don't desire this, but I can tell you if I see or feel things during your session.