Business and Personal Values

Business and Personal Values

When choosing an alternative healing practitioner or tarot reader, it's very important to resonate with that person.  That being said, I would love to let you know my personal values:

I believe that every individual deserves fair treatment regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  That being said, I don’t believe that anyone should push their own beliefs, agendas, or politics on anyone.  We are all in our own stage of evolution on this planet, and the point is that we move forward, and that looks different for everyone.  We all have our own individual stories in life, and have ended up where we are because of them. 


On the previous statement…While we should never push things on people, I do believe it is ok to share our beliefs, as long as it’s not done in a reactionary manner.  It’s beautiful that we are all unique in some way or another, and it’s lovely to bridge those gaps with acceptance and healthy conversation.  The world is so polarized these days, and we need to find our way to a time where we can accept each other without putting some many rules in place.  Just be kind.  That’s all.   


I don’t believe in calling people out or canceling individuals.  This is as absurd as the witch burnings or public shaming that used to occur in certain communities and town centers.  This is not how people learn and grow.  This is how fascism  and dangerous groupthink arises. 


I believe in living by example, not pushing issues on others.  When we are all a light to the world and work on our own vibration, this spreads outward like a beautiful rainbow.  The more we learn to be light and spread our light, the more we live in harmony with others.  


I will not use my platform for any personal politics or activism.  This is a place for your soul to come and relax / heal / and grow. 


I want equal rights for women, not to hate all men.  I'm a women's right advocate so we can hold our own in society and not be victims of patriarchal cultures / politics / religions.

Social media can be overstimulating for a lot of people, including me.  When I feel this way, I will take breaks from posting, and I encourage you all to do the same.  


I’m a firm believer in Dunbar’s Number.  I don’t believe we humans have the capacity to care about every issue and person in the world, and I don’t mean this in a cruel way.  I think a person can carry love in their heart for the world, but we need to worry about ourselves first, then close-knit family and friends, community, and then choose a few issues to be passionate about.  When we only have one or two issues to focus on, we can dedicate more thoroughly by means of time and finances (or however we choose).  If people tried to care for each and every issue a few things will happen: 1. We will only follow the issue while it’s trendy.  2.We will not do a thorough job working towards change for any of the issues.  3.We will burnout and quit caring about anything. 


While I believe in transparency, I will not tolerate hateful comments on my page.  One, because that is negative energy hanging around.  Two, because it makes my other followers engage in reactionary behavior that is not good for their mental health.  I will take these comments down.  If you have any questions or concerns that you think fall under this umbrella, please send me a DM.


As an alternative therapist, I do not believe that I hold any special gift or power over my clients.  Every human has the ability to study, and apply the techniques I do to heal themselves and others.  We are all powerful and gifted!!!  My goal with each client is to open the door, but let you choose whether you want to walk through.  You will not need my services forever because you are a sovereign badass!  I want to get you to that place in an efficient and effective way.


I think Neuro Divergence acceptance and awareness is important.  If you have any Neuro Divergence issues, please let me know so we can tailor your session.  Some things might not be as tolerable like certain fabrics, sounds, and sensations.  We can discuss and work through this together. 


My Personal Practices:


I believe in energy and belief in oneself.  We are all connected and part of the god source.


I'm into nature and all of the beauty it holds.  I'm a hedge druid, but that does not define me.  I don't believe in spinning our wheels to change everything around us, but rather in changing ourselves.  We don't really have control with things around us, despite what the TV and social media tells us.  This is not a defeatist belief!  It is ultimately valuable to work on ourselves.  We are divine beings. 


I love science, but so much is untapped, and so much is capitalist funded with the political currency behind it.  It's not easy to sort through, so it's necessary to keep an open mind and listen to our inner-voices. 


Reincarnation?  Absolutely.


I don't think you have to subscribe to one way of working with energy.  Some prefer hands, some prefer tarot, and some prefer candles.  Others might use meditation, forest bathing, or water immersion.  Their is no wrong way to do it because it's your intention that counts, and everything holds energy. 


Now relax and enjoy my page. 


This is a safe space for growth y’all.  Love and light.
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