Surgery and More

Surgery and More

For those who may be sensitive to discussions involving surgical procedures or women's health, please exercise caution in reading further.

While I typically refrain from too many personal blog posts, I feel compelled to share the reason behind my decision to postpone the grand opening of my business until February. In December, I underwent surgery to remove the fibroids in my uterus. These fibroids, one of which measured 10 cm in diameter, along with several others of considerable size and numerous smaller ones, had significantly disrupted my daily life. If you are familiar, you understand how these little nightmares can exert pressure on adjacent organs, leading to a host of issues including hormonal imbalances, frequent urination, acid reflux, and digestive complications. For years, I grappled with weight management challenges and pursued various dietary and exercise regimens, with no success. Little did I realize that these annoying things were the underlying cause of my struggles.

The surgery was a success, allowing me the opportunity to anticipate a balance in my body. Presently, I am healing at home, with a return to normal life in February.

The past year has been marked by physical limitations, making even basic movements difficult. Exercise became a distant memory, with the simplest of motions, such as bending or twisting, giving me horrible pain. My abdomen took the appearance of a giant ball, while the onslaught of acid reflux resulted in debilitating sinus afflictions, giving me constant dis-ease. Fatigue became an unwelcome companion, overshadowing even the most common daily activities. The decision to undergo surgery was not made lightly, and I have no regrets.

To my fellow women who have encountered similar trials with fibroids, know that you are not alone in your journey. I count myself fortunate to have found a physician who prioritized my well-being and expedited my surgery, a vast difference from the dismissive responses I received from prior doctors. For those who have encountered similar dismissals, I implore you to seek more opinions. Fibroids, despite their mostly benign nature, can exert a profound impact on one's quality of life, and no individual should endure them. I also encourage you to explore online support communities, where shared experiences and empathetic understanding are very helpful.

With the dawning of the New Year, I extend my heartfelt wishes for renewed hope to all. I extend my gratitude for your support and understanding. Love and peace!

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