Fear Based Healing Vs Healthy Healing

Fear Based Healing Vs Healthy Healing

What is fear based healing? This can come across in so many ways, but it has one final result.  This is when someone hooks you in to pay for their services, based on a negative fear based belief.  You will feel that you have no other option but to fix yourself through what they have to offer, and they will only offer it by a pay based service.  They will feed the fear for free, but when it comes time to fix things you will fork out a LOT of money.  When searching for a healer (reiki master, magnetist, lithotherapist, chromatherapist, etc), make sure they have a good code of ethics!  The same should apply to psychics, tarot readers, and diviners, but they might be slighty different as the sessions are not held in the same manners. 

A good healer still has to earn a living, but they will have good habits:

  • They will provide some free advice or post informative articles on their pages or website. 
  • Their services will be reasonably priced.  Spending $1200 for an hour long healing session is not reasonable and you should not!  These people normally promise things that are not even possible. 
  • They will put a protective energy shield around you after the session.  If you are not sure they did this, then just ask.
  • They will teach you how to shield yourself.
  • They will cleanse their workspace before you arrive and after you leave.  Both energetically and physically. 
  • They will cut the energetic cord between you and them.
  • Their ultimate goal will be to get you in a better position where you don't need them anymore. 
  • They will keep your information confidential.
  • If you are in for a physical session, they will let you know ahead of time if they have to touch you physically, and ask your permission. There should never be any reason you are touched on your genitals or are asked to disrobe.  Conversations should be reasonable as well and not make the client feel uncomfortable such as sexual jokes or references. 
  • They will not prescribe or diagnose anything, as they are not legally able to do so.  If it is suspected that you have a health or psychological issue, the practitioner should recommend you to the proper trained professional. 
  • They will abstain from the use of any addictive substances during or around the session. 
  • They will give you a questionaire asking about any disabilities / allergies /  you might have or things that could prevent a normal session.  Allergies might prevent oils or incense from being used in a session.  Neurodivergences might prevent certain sounds or touch from being implemented. ASMR is really not ideal for some neurodivergent clients, while it is ideal for others.  If the client is claustrophobic, has trust issues,  or has suffered from physical abuse, it might not be a good idea to cover their eyes with a cloth. 
Some healers will go above and beyond for their clients by hosting free basic courses, offering a few free sessions a month for people in need, or volunteering their services during disasters.

Remember they are people too and expel a lot of time and energy in their work.  While there are a lot of fear based healers out there, we should treat the good ones with respect.  So many people have the idea that they are superhumans with no limits, and this is absolutely not true.  They have dedicated their life's work to aid others in well-being and leading the best lives possible. 

If you have any doubts about whether you have chosen a fear based healer, reach out and ask for their code of ethics.  They should have one readily available to email if they don't have a website with it present.  Always listen to your inner-voice as well.  Normally it will lead you to the right person. 
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