Business and Personal Values

Business and Personal Values

Hello Lovelies,

I want to start by saying that I believe in treating everyone fairly, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. At the same time, I think it's important to respect each person's unique journey and not push my beliefs or agendas onto them. We're all on our own paths, and having diverse experiences makes our community stronger.

I'm all for open discussions and sharing beliefs through respectful conversations, but I'm against behaviors that divide us. Let's focus on acceptance and have healthy debates without imposing strict rules on each other.

I'm not into calling out or canceling people because I think it just creates more problems and stops us from growing. Instead, I believe in leading by example and making positive changes through our actions.

My platform is all about creating a space for relaxation, healing, and personal growth. I don't use it for personal politics or activism because I believe in connecting with each other on a deeper level and focusing on well-being.

I'm a big supporter of women's rights and empowering them in society, but that doesn't mean I have any animosity towards men. Equality and respect for everyone are my main priorities.

I know social media can be overwhelming, so I encourage taking breaks to focus on your mental well-being.

I follow Dunbar's Number philosophy, which means I understand that we can't engage with every single issue out there. Instead, I focus on a few causes that I'm passionate about, so I can make a real difference without burning out.

I don't tolerate hateful comments on my platform because they bring negative energy and harm people's mental health. Creating a supportive and uplifting community is my top priority.

As an alternative therapist, I believe in empowering people to tap into their own healing abilities. My job is to support them on their journey and respect their choices.

I think it's important to be aware of neurodiversity and tailor sessions to meet individual needs and preferences.

In my personal practices, I find inspiration from nature and believe in the interconnectedness of all beings. I believe that change starts from within and that we all have the power to believe in ourselves.

While I value scientific inquiry, I'm also open-minded to different perspectives and trust my intuition.

I believe in the cyclical nature of life and the concept of reincarnation.

When it comes to working with energy, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. It's all about intentionality and finding what works best for you.

Welcome to a space where you can grow and explore safely. Sending love and light to you all.

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