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Luna and Flor

Energy Healing Session (In-Person)

Energy Healing Session (In-Person)

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What is energy healing? 

What if I told you that rather than having energy, you actually are energy?  It's absolutely true my friends.  You are all energetic beings having an energetic experience! 

So why do people need healing then?  While we have energy, sometimes it gets out of balance or our vibration is resonating on a lower frequency due to things in our environment.  If you want to know more on this, look up the law of resonance

My role is to release blockages and channel energy and help you get back into balance as soon as posible. 

How Will a Session Go?

We will have a one on and I will get to know you and your needs.  Once the session begins I will lay you out on my healing table (fully clothed) and create a relaxing environment around you with calming music and diffused oils if you don't have any allergies.  If the session is at a distance I will ask you to create your own relaxing environment where you will not be disturbed. 

I will channel energy through myself from the universe and into your body, by holding my hands a few inches above. During the session I can feel blocks and resistance from your body if there are any, and will be noted after the session.  I also ask you to be aware of any sensations, tingles, warmth, or cold you might feel during the session, and where you feel it. 

After  your session I will help to ground you for a few minutes using an orthoceras on the spine and letting you hold on to some grounding stones.  We will have a short conclusion to your session and decide if we need to move forward with more sessions. 

Please note / Legal Disclaimer:  My energy treatments are not meant to prescibe or cure or replace any medical treatments in the form of surgery, medicine, other other treatments from your medical professional.  They are here to help you to balance yourself for your future health or to aid in calming, relaxing, and / or lessening pain for conditions that already exist. 


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