Do you ever search for the perfect accessory to match your wardrobe?

Are you a big fan of color and everything it can do for your mood? 

Do you want to stand out and own something different from everyone else? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then it looks like Luna and Flor is the perfect brand for you!  Founded in 2019 by Jonua Morrison, Luna and Flor is a brand dedicated to boosting moods by use of color therapy. 

Each piece is designed and hand crafted in the Luna and Flor studio.  The only thing outsourced are the laser cuts, and they are still done somewhat locally! 

What about the environment? 

  • L&F pieces are 100% vegan.
  • All excess acrylic is recycled.
  • Our pieces are made by companies that use environmental steps to reduce pollution in the environment and around their employees.
  • L&F pieces are glued together using eco-friendly resin.
  • There is a postal drop box right outside of the L&F studio, so driving is not necessary to post your items. 
  • Our laser cutting companies use solar panels to cut down on the use of energy.

From the creator of Luna and Flor:

In my years of creating jewelry, I have used many different materials including precious and non-precious metals, gemstones, clays, glass, and wood.  While there is such a stigma against plastic, I have found that acrylic jewelry is far less harmful on the environment than other methods of jewelry creating.  Metalsmithing requires a lot of chemicals and unethical mining practices.  Gemstone mining also is a strain on mother earth, and a lot of unethical labor goes into it.  With L&F I know exactly where each and every piece comes from, and can relax knowing that no unethical labor has been used.