About the Brand

Luna and Flor is an independent accessories brand created and ran by Jonua Morrison, an American who immigrated to Europe over ten years ago. 

Luna and Flor is aimed towards people who love color and playful jewellery.  The collection ranges from casual to eye-popping statement pieces.  The jewellery is made in the L&F studio in La Rochelle, France. 

The pieces you find in the shop are aimed at making you more cheerful everytime you wear them!  They make perfect gifts for yourself or loved ones.  If you ever need a consultation, just fill out the contact form with your questions. 

Our personal brand ethics is this:  While we can't be perfect, Luna and Flor strives to be eco-friendly in many ways.  We recycle our acrylic scraps, use eco-friendly glues, and buy our shipping supplies from within Europe.  Our brand is all about inclusivity, so we will never discriminate.  We just want everyone to feel welcome! 


About Jonua


I first started making jewellery in 2011 from our (me and my husband) tiny apartment in Paris.  I had just moved to France in 2011 and was having a difficult time knowing what to do with my degree in Human Geography.  I always had a passion for the arts and making stuff, so I tossed the degree aside and got busy. 

While taking numerous metalsmithing and design courses here and there, I started creating under the brand J. Rachel Besnard then switching to Jonua Morrison, where I sold sterling silver and gold minimalist jewelry with gemstones.  Honestly, it never felt right.  I loved digging around in my grandma's jewellery when I was young, and the colourful plastic pieces took my breath away the most. 

In 2019 Luna and Flor was born.  I now use various graphic design software to create my bold and fun pieces and assemble them in my studio. 

I'm an absolute series addict, series noir and British comedy being my preferences.  I also love coffee, olives, pizza, and sushi.  I despise hot weather, and love to curl up with a good book on rainy days.  If you're stopping by, thanks for reading!  Feel free to send me a message and tell me a little about yourself.  I love hearing about my wonderful customers.