Take the Holiday Pledge

Please sign the pledge here:  http://chng.it/GdJ4wRkQ


Right now there is a lot of uncertainty in the world.  With the holidays quickly approaching, please help to keep small, local, and handmade businesses running by choosing to spend as much money as possible with them.  With all of the economic disasters circling almost every country right now, small business needs you more than ever.  While you may not be able to do 100% of your shopping in this manner, please vow to fill as many stockings and gift boxes as possible with something made by an artist / maker, or sold in a small shop. 

Where else will you find an item with such love and time poured into it?  Something with a story to tell.  Something that can be treasured for years to come by the recipient.  Vote with your wallet and please think small!

Some reasons to support independent and handmade:

1. It's more ethical and sustainable.  In other words, humans and mother earth have much better treatment! These businesses are ran by people, not boards.

2. You are supporting real people and not mass corporations. You get the opportunity to contribute to someone's dream. 

3.  The products will last longer.

4.  People cherish this type of gift.

5.  You could be buying someone a meal or helping them to pay a utility bill.

6.  You are supporting and giving back to the community. Isn't a community full of lovely independent shops much better than large boxy chain stores? 

7.  Better customer service.

8.  You will have better product diversity and be able to offer something unique to the recipient.

9.  You can build interpersonal relationships.

10.  You can and will feel good about your purchase. 

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