What Does it Mean to Support a Boutique?

As I was scrolling through Twitter, I saw the sad news that one of my favourite boutiques was closing.  The owner said that too many people were saying things like, "I prefer to directly support the artist, rather than buying from a boutique."  Sadly, this general attitude as of late, has caused her to close her doors permanently, along with many others. It's a difficult time for so many other reasons as well, so the stresses of running a business are high.   

As an artist, please let me say that you ARE supporting us makers when you support a boutique that stocks our products.  For most artists / makers, wholesaling to stores is our main bread and butter.  Let me explain:  We sale our products at a deeper discount to shops, and then they sell at our MSRP, the price you find on our online shops.  What's the advantage to us? 

  • Shops buy in bulk from us.  When placing their order, they have a minimum amount to buy to place in their stores.
  • It's free advertising for us.
  • It helps small artists and makers to reach markets they might not have otherwise reached.
  • These stores are supporting us! It's a big risk to open and curate a successful shop, especially in today's world.  They have chosen to run shops that actively stock products from small makers. 
  • These shops are helping your local economy.  Would you rather have them in town or big boxy chain stores?  Yes, they are more expensive, but there is only ethical labour involved and top quality products you can keep for years on end. 

I'm not saying you can never order something directly from your favourite artist, but trying to support your local shops is super helpful, to them and to us.  Please consider this while doing your holiday shopping this year! 

I am not currently stocked in any shops, but plan to start my wholesale journey in the new year!  For now here are some of my favourite shops:

Hannah Zakari - Edinburgh

The Oddfish - Beirut

JuJu Brighton  - Brighton

Poketo - Los Angeles

Pink and Frillos - Gowen

Handzy Shop Studio - Covington

Heart Mercantile - Dayton

Made 590 - Newtown


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