Customer Spotlight: Emma

Hello everyone!  Sending  you a warm hello from the corner of Luna & Flor.  Today is an exciting day, because it is the first in the, "Customer Spotlight Series."  What better people to showcase on the blog? 

Our first lovely human is Emma, and here is her story:

Hello, I'm Emma and I'm an accountant by trade, and mother to a 3 year old.  Being a mum takes up most of my time!  I come from the UK and currently live on the south coast, by the sea.  On a clear day you can see all the way to the Isle of Wight!  It's a beautiful part of the country, and although the beaches here are shingle, I wouldn't live anywhere else.  It's my happy place.  

My two passions are Dungarees and Scandi clothing. On a daily basis, I wear mostly Lucy & Yak and Run & Fly dungarees.  I like to pair them with Maxomorra or Duns of Sweden t-shirts underneath.  I like bright bold colours and fabrics.  You won't easily lose me in a crowd! My favourite dungarees are by Lucy & Yak, called Kapeesh.  They remind me of the opening credits of Saved by the Bell, which was a tv show I watched growing up in the 90's.  

I'm a curvy individual and one of the things I cant stand is the pressure to conform or try to blend in when plus size. I'm a firm believer in plus size fashion and I try to wear what makes me happy.  Please, just wear what makes you happy. Confidence in yourself will come from that. Ignore other people if how you dress makes them uncomfortable. Don't be a sheep. Always be yourself.

Me and a few other ladies are admins to two lovely Facebook groups, and both are dedicated to these items.  Each group has over four-thousand members! You can find out more brands of dungarees and join our wonderful community at:

The Dungaree Appreciation Crew 

If you want some Scandi: Maxomorra and More 

You can also find me on Instagram: 

Now let's talk about jewellery!   

I love statement necklaces they look fabulous with everything from a sparkly dress to a pair of funky dungarees. Id been stalking Luna and Flor for a while prior to buying my first item. I'm in love with the pumpkins on the site as halloween is my favourite time of year. 

How did you hear about Luna & Flor? 

I found you through our dungaree group.  You shared your Instagram, and I've been following you ever since! I'm in love with the pumpkins on the site as Halloween is my favourite time of year.

Emma is wearing the Love is Sparkly Necklace and Earrings

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