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Hey, I’m Victoria! I’m a self-taught illustrator having a complete love affair with colour, fun, and digital art. Before I had my daughter, I worked in watercolour and ink, and painted mainly nature inspired artwork.  Ironically, I felt super UNinspired by what I was doing.  On maternity leave I struggled to find the time to sketch and paint, so turned to digital artwork.  This led to an obsession with surface pattern design, and more recently typography! I think I’m finally hitting my stride and am doing what I’m supposed to be doing. In and among that, I also left a teaching career to work on my illustration full time.

 At the moment I'm really happy with my collection of prints. They're such beautiful quality and so bright and positive.  It's the work I've wanted to make for ages and I'm really proud of them. I'm getting really into DIY home decor and I've had so much fun painting things mad colours, but I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea. A great place to start if you want more colour in your home, but don't want to paint your fireplace bright yellow, is with prints! So I like to think that mine are like a gateway for more colour in people's homes. 

I’ve dipped my toe into homeware with my joyous and ridiculous 90's tea towels, and I’m trying my hand at some very simple earring designs, I’m hoping to bring out later this year. 


I was born and brought up in London, and love living here.  I currently live in greater London, and it's such a fab community.  My family are all Spanish, and I'm lucky to be bilingual. I often dream about running away to the countryside or seaside, but I love being around people and shops and things!

I LOVE clothing, after a tumultuous relationship with clothes in my teens and part of my 20's, I feel like I'm dressing the most "me" I ever have. I open my wardrobe now and it's not, "I have nothing to wear," it's more like, "How can I choose? I love it all!" I wear a lot of vintage, and over the last couple of years a lot of my highstreet stuff has been sold or donated to make way for the vintage and indie brands. I love the style of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's! But the 80's-90's is probably my favourite. I love vintage patterns and uses of colour, but I need to be careful what I buy, because me and polyester are not friends. I wear a lot of dresses in the summer.  In the winter my go to is funky shorts over leggings, and a massive jumper or cardie. I've got a bit of an obsession with vintage St Michael's shirts too - just the most amazing colours and patterns and often long enough to wear as dresses with leggings underneath.  I don't like getting my knees out!

I've also developed a statement earring habit too, and I think they're all from indie brands! Other than Luna and Flor, obviously, some of my fave indie jewellery brands are Annie's Fingers, Little Pig Jewellery Design, Circense Jewellery, Loud Mary, Hello Terry, Studio Ides... Oh my goodness this is a long list and I think I could go on!! Lockdown has meant I haven't cut my hair since about February, so I've been jazzing up my mop with beautifully patterned hair ties from Laura Charley Design and AMAZING scrunchies from Gangster Wraps.  They also do matching fabric, wrapped hoop earrings.  They make me feel like a total badass. For clothing I love Hello Dodo (colourful screen printed tees and sweatshirts for EVERYONE), Aesthetic Laundry (totally unique, the rainbow tassel jumpers are a particular fave but it is all gorgeous) Kemi Telford (the most flattering and comfy dresses, again in beautiful prints and fabrics). And there are a whole host of fab vintage sellers on Instagram, some of my faves are HML Vintage, Rehab Vintage and the Vintage Circus.

I came across Luna and Flor when I saw the On the Fringe Earrings, being worn by Leona from Indie Roller.  I was obsessed!  These earrings were inspired by Aesthetic Laundry's Whitney Jumper. I messaged Jonua on instagram something along the lines of,  "Argh I have to have these earrings!!!!" They're SO gorgeous and dangly and colourful and go with so many outfits! I also own the My Good Luck Earrings.  They also have rainbow dangles, with the most beautiful, sparkly gold acrylic. I wear them a lot! They make me feel really dressed up with the shimmer and movement.

On all things fashion: My advice is, if you love it, wear it.  Just. Wear. It. People don't care what you're wearing because they're too busy worrying about what other people think of them. And if anyone does say anything ignorant or mean, just think how empty their life must be that they need to criticise or mock people's outfits to make themselves feel better. You are a brilliant, sparkling unicorn and the world needs to see you being you in all your fabulousness! 

Please check out Victoria's pages:  I'm usually found on instagram, you can find me, and you can take a look at my fab prints here:


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