Customer Spotlight: Marilyn

Hello, my name is Marilyn! Also known as Marilyn Misandry. I am a drag queen, clown and writer. I’m 27 years old and identify as a non binary queer femme!  I am from Manchester England, and live in a very cosy little former student house right in the suburbs here.

My sense of fashion is very much inspired and informed by 1970’s fashion and specifically the fashions of Studio 54! I love bold kitsch and campy prints, jumpsuits, pant suits and simmilar cuts! I also take a lot of inspiration from American pop culture, specifically things like Nickelodeon animation, Pee Wees Playhouse and the like.

I usually perform as part of a nightclub in England called Cirque! But like a lot of artists here atm have had to find new work because of the corona virus. 

My biggest piece of advice is that you can get away with anything if you can be confident about it. Project confidence and fashion follows! 

I chose these pieces because they all fit into my love of bright and kitschy accessories! My Spectral Cloud Necklace immediately jumped out to me because it’s a way of having a little pride around my neck with every outfit! I love the use of rainbows in the other collections, especially given that we are having some pretty dark days!

My Instagram handle is @marilynmisandry 

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